Friday, October 1, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Dining Room

 I love our dining room. Probably because it is the only room in the house I feel is complete.  The picture above is looking into the room from the foyer. The table has a black glass top, which is the hardest thing ever to keep clean. Both the table and chairs are from IO Metro. 
 The picture frames on the wall were built by one of our friends and have wedding pictures in them. I plan to get more in the future and add pictures of the little man.
Two of my absolute favorite things about the dining room are the huge fork and spoon in the wall from Pottery Barn and the curtains which are from Target.

  ( Sorry about the baby scale on the table, we weigh Payne every night now to make sure we are still gaining weight! So far so good! )


Michelle said...

I love your chairs and the calla lilies. What is the name of the color your walls are painted?

~SHO~ said...

Love it all! Looks so polished. Nice job!


Rachael Wright Jones said...

I love your big spoon and fork too! :-)

Brittany said...

love the spoon & fork and our curtains are almost identical!