Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big News!

A few weeks ago we got some really exciting news from one of our favorite families! The Morris'! They are going to have a baby in March! I have done so good with trying not to tell too many people about this! We are so so so so excited! We went to see Renee and Sallie one day a few weeks ago and Renee told us! It took me a few hours for the news to sink in, then I called her back and started asking questions. Then she told me she was going to tell the girls at work, so I asked if I could bring a cookie cake to help her break the news! The surprise was great! I love it!!!

Me, Renee, Payne, Maggie, and Kelli

Congrats to Rich, Renee, and Sallie! We are so excited to meet your baby in March!!
We are hoping for a golf partner for Payne, but we'll take another girlfriend as well! As long as the baby is healthy we are happy!!!

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