Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hanging with my man

Well, this week so far as been super laid back. Ryan's aunt from Iowa, Gina, has been here this week keeping Payne. We can not tell you how thankful we are that our family is able to come and keep Payne. I am also fortunate enough that I get home around 4 o'clock each day and get to hang out with Payne. We are finally really on a schedule now. We get him up at 7 each morning and feed him. Then he eats every 4 hours during the day and his last feeding of the night is at 7 and then he goes to bed. He has been getting up 1-2 times a night, but the past few nights it has only been once, sometime between 4 and 5.  I know people think I am crazy for putting him to bed so early, but honestly I get so much more done at night then I would in the morning. I also like to be able to spend time with him in the morning before I go to work. No, he doesn't fall asleep right away, it is crying for about 10 minutes, then he is out.  I have loved spending the time with him in the afternoon. We talk and play all afternoon till he falls asleep about 530-6.

We play together and he laughs and smiles the whole time which melts my heart! He is starting to get a little personality!
He is such a laid back baby! We couldn't have asked for more!
We wait on daddy to come home each day. We are still practicing sitting in our bumbo and holding our head up.

We can't tell you how much we love this little man and thank God for him each day!
Hope everyone has had a great week.


Trumbo Family said...

So cute...we should get the boys together for a little tv watchin! HA He does great in his bumbo for 2 months. Trevor goes to bed every night at 7 too. It's not too early! Trevor eats at about 5 as well then goes back to bed until I wake him at 7. Sounds like Payne is getting the hang of it. Early bedtimes are great for them....they need a lot of sleep!

Kelli Ann said...

Not that I know from personal experience, but a friend from back home is a child psychologist and has done a lot of research on babies, children and sleep. We once had a really long conversation about that, and her kids have always been in bed by 7 (even during the summer) and they are all in grade school. I imagine that most children and adults don't get the sleep our bodies really need. You are doing so great! Such an awesome mommy!

Leah said...

7 isnt too early at all!! Though I have friends who think it is, we still have Perri in bed by 7:30 every night and she's almost 2. We hope to keep it that way for as long as possible and she sleeps until atleast 8:15/8:30. So keep it up!! It's sooo nice to have a relaxing evening with your husband and have free time in the evening.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

They need the sleep! My daughter is almost 2 and has gone to bed at 7 her entire life. Payne is so cute!!! Enjoy this special time.