Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mr. Independent

 Payne has become much more independent lately!

He is starting to be a much better eater! We will actually pick up his food and feed himself! Most nights we have to start with using a fork, but then he gets tired of that and throws it aside and uses his hands. While I am so glad he is feeding himself, he is the slowest eater ever! I am so glad though because now we can all join meals together.
 He loves to brush his teeth and take a bath. Taking a bath used to be a HUGE struggle for us and he would scream the whole time and hold on to the side. Now he will play and brush his teeth. He will let you know when he is done because he will start cleaning up his toys.

We let his run around a little bit after bath time. He is into just about everything. We were hanging up some new clothes the other night and he started climbing on the box and then into his chair. Then he rocked himself. 


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Sara said...

Ok, so I am guessing you followed the Amanda Knox story. If so, what were your thoughts?

And just wait until he is running from you getting into everything. We have entered the stage where silence means something is going on that should not be. Ha!