Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phat Chance...

My husbands company just opened their latest store in a long line of internet retail outlets, FAT CHANCE! Fat Chance is a mega-store made up of all the products they offer on the other 10 stores - medical scrubs, workwear, outdoor gear and apparel, country/western wear, baby/children items, art supplies, kitchen supplies, everything dance, hunting and fishing gear, and baseball/softball equipment - that rewards one out of ten customers by giving an entire order away for free. Absolutely free. No strings attached.
It's a marketing ploy, plain and simple. And it's not a new idea either. Some restaurants give every hundredth customer their order for free. But that's good but how many chicken sandwiches can you really need/want...
At our prices are as competitive as you will find anywhere else on the internet and shipping is free (Orders over $100). On top of that, we give away every tenth order FOR FREE. This does not mean that if you place ten orders in a row that one of them will be free, although your chances would get better!
Why would you want to shop anywhere else? You don't, when you have a phat chance of getting it free!

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