Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toy Box

Well as you already know I have the best daddy ever! You might remember last July before Payne was born Papa built Payne a bassinet. If you don't know about that please click here and read.

Well this year for Payne's 1st birthday Papa built Payne a toy box.
When he was in Colorado in the spring he pick up some wood from the pine trees that are being killed from the beetles. We refer to it as beetle pine, but it is really called blue-stained lodge pole pine. He built it, and stained the outside. It has some great detail in it! The front has a half inch cut off so that he can't slam his hands in it and the hinges don't allow it to slam either! It also have a top little bucket in it that can slide from side to side! We couldn't be more proud of him and his beautiful gift!
Thanks Papa!

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Savannah said...

What a precious, sentimental gift! You have a great, and resourceful Dad!