Friday, September 2, 2011

Being Honest

I haven't blogged in a long time, because I have NO TIME! 
I can't tell you how stressful, overwhelming, crazy, and exciting my life has been lately!
Since, I really sat down and updated I have completed over 60 hours of in service for school, Payne's 1st birthday has come and gone, he has taken a few steps, he has become a terrible eater, we have started bible study again at our house, Ryan's men's bible study has started back, I have taken in coordinating two services for church preschool, and I have started school. With all of that I have completely filled my plate and I feel like I am about to fall flat on my face!

I can't hardly find time to do anything for myself, which makes me mad! I am trying to read The Help and I really want to just get it over with so that I can't have some more free time. But, I continue to read it because it is the only time I escape from reality and get to do something for myself. 

Payne has been going through so changes lately. We have pretty much gotten rid of the passy all together. There are those times that I think it would just be easier to give it to him, but I don't want to give in. I am thinking about putting them in the attic so it won't be a choice to get it anymore. He also has decided to be a really picker eater. He won't hardly eat "table food". He wants everything to be smooth and he won't eat it unless it is mixed with a fruit or yogurt. He also won't eat with more than one person in the room. Therefore Ryan or I have to leave the room when the other is feeding him. He has taken a few steps every now and then but he is content to crawl or better yet you carry him. He also naps twice a day when he is home with me, but at daycare he is lucky if he sleeps 30 minutes. Better yet I am lucky.  He is normally passed out asleep by the time we get home, and therefore cranky the rest of the night.

School has been extremely hard for me. I hate to say that, but I am being honest. This year is so overwhelming. There are 35 of them and 2 teachers and I can't possible give all the one on one time to them that I wish I could. I know it is probably like this every year, but my first year there were 24, and last year I was at home with Payne. Which leads to another point of which I keep telling myself that I wasn't here last year because I was with Payne. Then I want to be with Payne. This group of kids is so fun and eager to learn. Therefore they ask lots of questions. We are all still trying to figure out groups, schedules, and on top of that they are confused because they are also practicing for a play in two weeks. Like that wasn't enough I have decided to write a book with my third graders, an ABC book about our school. We have to have the book done and sent off to press by October 20th! I hope we get there! Then there is just keeping up with grading, conferences, and planning. What would be being a teacher if there weren't any challenges, right?

In our personal life, Payne's party was perfect in my eyes! We love hosting bible study at our house, Ryan loves attending his bible studies but it is hard to make time for our family. Now football season is here and we love that time, but that means no nothing to do weekends. Plus we are working in the preschool area every week at church. Love it all but, so overwhelming. 

Needless to say I love my life and wouldn't trade it but if there were just one more day of the weekend that I could devote to relaxing I could do it much easier! As of now, I want to come home from work and crawl in bed and sleep until morning!

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