Monday, April 11, 2011

Hogeye Marathon

Ryan, Rae-Marie, Tracey and I all ran in the Hogeye Marathon Relay Sunday morning. 
We knew before Christmas that we were planning on do this. I had started running in early January until it started snowing all the time and it really through my running off. So the past 3 weeks I have had to hit it hard, but I won't lie, I didn't hit it too hard. The longest and last time I ran was with Ryan and we ran 4 miles on Tuesday.
The race started at the square and went all the way to the Botantial Garden and back to the square.  The first leg was run by Ryan which was 5.5 miles. He finished in an hour and five minutes! Then Rae-Marie picked up and run from Sam's to Lake Fayetteville. 
Rae-Marie handed off the chip to me.
 Then I ran out the trail and back which totaled 7 miles. 
Then Tracey picked up and took it all the way back to the square which was 8 miles. 
Our team finished in 5:37! We had calculated it all MANY times and thought it would take us 6 hours so we finished 23 minutes faster than we thought!
It was really fun though I will admit! Today I am a little sore, but I will get over it! I felt I had accomplished something big after I finished! I wanted to remember my times, so I took a picture!

My Papa ran as well with a group of men from Little Rock. They ran really fast and beat us by a long shot!


Jenna's said...

Great job Sarah!!

Tracey said...

We all did a great job....very proud of our fam! We beat 4 other relay teams too!

Rachael Wright Jones said...

Very impressive!! Great job!