Sunday, April 17, 2011

Georgia for a weekend

We are very blessed to have wonderful friends who parents have a plane. We jumped on the plane Friday and headed to Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Dalton used to play on the Arkansas Golf team and wanted to go watch the SEC Golf Tournament and invited us to come along. It was beautiful and relaxing!
We went to the beach on Saturday afternoon and walked around for a bit. 
Dalton jumped over me because Ally was to scared to let him.
We thought we would be the only people down on the beach. We were wrong. There was a ton of people down there. Lots of college kids, families with small children, and locals.
 Dalton found a jellyfish and picked it up. Ryan and Ally touched it and said it was really hard. I was more nervous to touch it,but finally barely touched it. They are called cannon ball jellyfish.

We walked out on the sand bar.

Sunday we laid out on the roof deck while the boys went to the golf course. Ally and I are a little burnt! Oops!
After a late lunch we headed home.
 A view from the sky when we were taking off.
Hanging out on the plane. It was a pretty smooth flight back. Once going out it got bad when we were flying over the storms.
 You know you are home when you see Old Main! The campus is so pretty from the sky.

Never did I think I would be able to jump on a plane for a weekend and fly somewhere!

Thanks to the Owens for the great weekend!

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