Monday, February 15, 2010

What's in a Name?

Now that our dream of having a child is on its way to coming true, lets discuss names! Most would think, holy cow - it's a little early to ponder names. This is something Sarah and I discussed and agreed upon before we were even engaged. We have four names, 2 boys and 2 girls. I will start with the boys names, that is what I really want and I am writing this blog!

If we are blessed enough to get a boy his name will be Jackson Payne Green. I have always liked the name Jackson starting in high school (even though it is becoming ever more popular), and Payne Stewart is my favorite golfer so this will be in his honor. We plan on calling him "Payne."

If indeed we have multiple boys, the second will be named Christopher Layton. Christopher is my middle name so we will pass that name on, it means "Christ-bearer" or "anointed one.", Sarah and I both like Layton but we do argue over how to spell it so I have given in (men - pick and choose your battles). We will call him "Layton" or "Leighton" - do you have a vote?

If our first is a girl the name will be Addyson Marie. Addyson because we both like it and is very similar to my sisters name, Allison. Marie is going to be carried on as a middle name in the family as is has been passed down through the Maulden family at several levels - Sarah's mom's middle name, her stepmom's middle name, her step-sisters middle name, her first cousins middle name. So if we ever get a girl she will carry the torch. She will go by "Addyson".

We had a second girls name but Sarah has become indecisive, started as Ryley and Leigh - some form of Leigh/Lee is my sister and mothers middle name, respectively, so we would like to also keep this one in the family. Sarah has now decided that Ryley will not be the second girls name. She is now trying to decide, with my input, on a couple others (this could take some time which we should have): Brooklyn and Jillian.

Now this does not mean we will have four children, we may if that is what God has in store for our family. I hope to never have more children than parents who can control them - but obviously my plans don't always pan out the way I have them drawn up. Ask God, Sarah, and my family: Baby G wasn't supposed to come this early on in the playbook. But hey, HE is on the way and I am loving every minute of it!

Much love and support in our month to come!



Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I like all of your names! I like the spelling "Layton". Addyson was our "runner-up" name to Lilly--it took us a while to decide, but we would have called her "Addie". I guess we have a thing with names that end in the -ee sound. If Reid would've been a girl, we like "Molly". You guys are doing great--it literally took Matt and I 7 1/2 months to pick Reid. Oh, and I like both Brooklyn and Jillian! (:

Rachael Wright Jones said...

Awww! Great names!!! I'm so excited for yall! And I vote Layton. Leighton is really cute but it looks more girly...

Gina said...

These are all great names. In my experience no matter how much time you put into picking exactly the right name for them--they seem to get altered either on purpose or by nicknames along the way. You know my kids so you know what I mean!
Love you both (all three) and are so very happy for you!!!!

Jennifer said...

I am throwing Jennifer out there for a girl's name. You can even name her Jennifer Leigh because that is my middle name, as well as Allison's so it would be after both of us. Just a thought! :)

I love baby Green already!