Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heart Ball 2010

The American Heart Association hosts the Heart Ball every year! The tradition is that around 50 girls that are in 10th grade are presented at the ball and recognized for their community service. Back in 2002 I was one of those girls and in 2006 my step-sister was one as well. Every year since then we try to go to the ball. I don't know actually how many of the last 8 we have been to but I would guess 5 or 6. I love it!
Over the weekend Ryan and I attended the ball with my dad, Tracey, Debbie, Randy, Rae-Marie, and her boyfriend Patton. It was a lot of fun to get dressed up and have a night out.

The Green'sMy Papa and me

Ryan and IDad, Tracey, me, Ryan, Debbie, and Randy
Mrs. Debbie and I had on our dresses from Ali's wedding.

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