Saturday, January 2, 2010

A week off together!

Well Ryan and I have enjoyed having the week off together with not much to do. I thought we would be bored by the time Monday rolled back around and well I was right! Sunday night Ryan told me of all the plans he had for the house. We needed to clean all out closets, put away the Christmas stuff in the attic, and clean the kitchen junk drawer. I thought that would take all week. Also, Ryan was going to have a cyst taken off of this back.

Monday started off nice and early. We had a doctors appointment at 10. We went hoping that he would get the cyst taken off at the first of the week. We had no luck. Dr. A said a surgeon would have to do that. The appointment was scheduled for 3:45 Tuesday. So we went on our way to accomplish our goals of the week. We went to Wal-Mart and bought our weekly food. Then, we went to have lunch with Ali and Bax at B and B BBQ, so I could eat those fried pickles I had been craving. Then to pick up our New Year's cards and to get wedding pictures printed. We then came home to address the cards and off again to get them mailed. We picked up the pictures, put Christmas money in the bank, went to the post office, went furniture shopping, and went to Target. At Target I got some things to help organize the closets and Ryan thought I was crazy. We got home in time for Ryan to cook dinner. He made fajita chili while I organized. I had it all done by the time dinner was ready. I felt very proud! After dinner we knocked out the junk drawer. After all was done we headed to bed at 11! That is late for me, even when I don't have to work the next day.

Here is my china closet door.

Tuesday we got up and made breakfast on our new griddle that Allison and Baxter gave us for Christmas. We had hash browns and scrambled eggs. They were so good. After breakfast I went to Cheerleading practice and Ryan went to check on things at work. We both got home around lunch and put away the Christmas things and head to the doctor again. No luck again. We would have to come back Wednesday morning for the actual surgery. So, with that news we went shopping some more.
Wednesday we got up headed back to see Dr. B and get rid of this cyst, finally!!!

Ryan waiting on Dr. B to come in. He told me I could stay and watch but....well, I would have passed out. The cyst before it was removed. Afterwards, it had a huge bandage on it and he couldn't shower for 48 hours.
Here is what it look like now. It still makes me sick to my stomach.

Now, the exciting part of the week! We have done NOTHING! We came home afterwards for Ryan to rest. We finally went to Sonic at 3:30 and then I went out with some girls that night.

Thursday we got up about 10 and I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Then we just laid around the house until about 7 when we got ready to go to Bordino's for New Year's Eve dinner.

Don't worry we were home at 11:30 to ring in the New Year at home in bed!

Friday morning I got up at 11 to get ready for our house guest of the weekend. Allison and Baxter brought Nelson over to spend the weekend with us since they were headed to the Liberty Bowl. I miss Nelson since he spent a year living with me. He follows me around the house and sits next to me and I feel really loved!!! Here is what we did all day! How I love to be lazy!!!
Nelson is hard to see since he is black.

Well this morning we were up at 5 with a little black dog wiggling everywhere because he had to go to the bathroom. So Ryan took him out and then they came back to bed. At about 6:30 Nelson was done sleeping. So he thinks you should get up too. Little did he know the Green's sleep in. So, we put both dogs outside about 6:30 to play all they wanted. Back to bed for us. SURPRISE! 8:30 here come Nelson jumping on us again. Ryan and I both looked at each other to figure who had let the dogs back in. Neither one of us had! We forgot that Nelson can open our backdoor and he had let himself back in. So, we finally got up! Nelson is a really smart dog in case you were wondering. Now, the dogs are back outside having the time of their lives running and playing and Ryan and I are being lazy laying on the couch!

Lucy and Nelson taking a break from playing!

We have watched the Razorback basketball team play now we are waiting on the football game to come on! Go Hogs!

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