Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home again home again....

Well, today I sat at home bored. It was too cold to do anything and we were out of school again. Therefore, I have nothing to say on the blog tonight. I did go to cheerleading practice tonight and only had two girls come. But, they are so fun it didn't matter anyways. We had a blast playing and cheering. Now we are headed to watch the Championship game with some friends at the Yerton's house. Hope you are staying warm tonight and we are going back to school tomorrow. Can't we call school for it being TOOOOO COLD!?!


Peyton said...

So fun, I googled monogrammed teacher note cards and your blog showed up.
I am so jealous you are getting snow. Send some to NC please.

Rachael Wright Jones said...

You're such a goob. I love and miss you terribly!!!