Friday, December 25, 2009

Allison and Baxter's Wedding

Last Saturday Allison who is, my best friend, Ryan's sister, and my sister-in-law, got married to Baxter! We couldn't have been more excited for the two of them! After five years of dating they finally tied the knot! They had a beautiful, whimsical wedding on December 19! I didn't get to many pictures but I'm sure she will have a lot very soon she will put on her blog! Here is some of the pictures from that day.

The most beautiful bride!
The bride and me!
Lindsey, Joy, and Heather
Jill and Andrea

The table decorations for awesome! They were great!

Allison gave all the bridesmaid necklaces, house shoes, and comfy pants. We all wore our house shoes to the receptions! I think Allison wore her white ones too! :)
A and B leaving the receptions! What a great wedding!

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Gina said...

It was beautiful! You ladies all looked lovely. Wished we had more time to visit with you all but maybe there will be more opportunity in the future. Enjoy your break and Happy New Year!