Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On the road again

I'm sad to report that Ryan and I will be spending our first Thanksgiving as man and wife apart. I drove down to Little Rock yesterday so that my mom, gran, and I could drive to Texas this morning. We left at 745 to head south on our six hour journey and well we still are not there yet and it's 330. Between the three of us it has been a slow journey. We have been to walmart, sonic, pick up gran, Bryce's cafeteria, the pop pop shop to get popcorn , sonic again, to get gas, and a bathroom stop. So needless to say we are still here in the car. I have laughed a lot. Every question I ask my mom my gran answers with her opinion. Then she is the worse backseat driver ever and gets mad when we get lost or there is construction. Anyways the plan for when we finally get there is to unload, rest, eat, and then have game night.

Ryan had to work have a day today, but is now headed to Benton to spend time with his family. Maybe, he will have some stories by the end of the week.

I hope everyone has a blessed and great Thanksgiving.

****I typed this on my phone in the car so I'm sorry for any mistakes. ***

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