Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, well, well, I've been a huge blog slacker. I thought I would get caught up since I'm sitting at Everett Maxey waiting to get Ryan's oil changed and I'm the only person under 50 or the only woman here. Please forgive my mistakes during this post, I'm typing on my phone.

Over the last few weeks we have wrapped up home razorback football games, our Sunday night bible study, We have been ready for christmas for over two weeks now and well I'm offically on thanksgiving break. I have many plans for myself over this break. We have cleaned out our garage and we orangized it , I have given our bathroom a good deep cleaning, painted our ceiling from where we had a leak from the ice storm in august, I need to finish my Christmas shopping, finish a painting for Ali and B, make sure I have everything ready for Ali's bacherlotte party , get my bridesmaid dress fitted, travel to Texas to see family , and much more.

When I get back home I'll post some pictures of the last several weeks of our lives, but other than that there isn't much to tell.

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Rachael Wright Jones said...

Sarah! You'll be so proud of me! I made a new blogspot... Maybe I'll keep up with it more than the last one...
Love you, miss you