Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding Updates

Ok, so Sarah and I have been engaged almost 3 months! Just a run down on where we stand - the first month was non-stop go and do and see, trying to find a place to have it. Little Rock was the town, we just didn't have a venue - Sarah's church growing up didn't have a center aisle so she axed it, several other churches we liked either wouldn't do it on the day we wanted, May 23, 2009 (scheduled around the particular photographer we wanted, Hudson Photography) becuase of Memorial Day weekend. We finally found the most awesome place, Trinity Presbyterian in Little Rock. Sarah grew up Church of Christ and I am Baptist, not a huge deal but we were nervous about the Presbyterian thing, just because neither one of us knew much about their practices.

Enough with that, the only other task Sarah put me in charge of was finding the band for the reception, which is at County Club of Little Rock in the Garden Room which over looks my greatest passion (besides Sarah), the golf course and downtown Little Rock. After weeks of research, I came across a band from Little Rock called Tragikly White. They will be amazing, what a night cap to the most wonderful day of our lives. Tragikly White mixes disco, funk and highly danceable 70's, 80's, and 90's music for a crowd-pleasing, high-energy production. So get out your dancing shoes, shine them up and get ready to dance!

As we near our long awaited day Sarah and I will continue to update you with the progess of wedding planning. I thought my part was tough, asking Sarah's parents and getting the right ring. Little did I know the hard part was still to come. Thank God for Sarah and her amazingness!!

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amyj said...

Y'all this is great!! I know everyone will love to follow the plans and you prepare for the big day. Your engagement pictures are spectacular.
love, John and Amy (also suited perfectly for eternity...sorry John made me say that)