Sunday, August 19, 2012

Payne's Birthday Party

 Payne turned 2 a few weeks ago. We had his party the weekend before his birthday! Which was also the weekend before I started school. We kept things real simple. We got some play sand from Lowe's and put it in the baby pool. We had lots of trucks from the beach that I had gotten at Target for a $1, that we put in there. We brought the tool bench outside, and then we also had the sand and water table. The kids also played on the big play set in our backyard. For food we had chips, pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, and cupcakes.

 He loved his "tuptake" and blowing out his candle!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

On his actual birthday, when I went to wake him up! He yelled "tuptake!!!" when I told him Happy Birthday!

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