Thursday, February 23, 2012

What we have been up to!

Since January we have done A LOT! When I got back from Florida things just got really busy! I love busy, but I did enjoy this lazy weekend we had! We have celebrated birthdays, been to Crystal Bridges Museum, been sick, been to several basketball games, I am working on writing a Math curriculum, started hosting bible study at our home again, had family come almost every weekend, and dog sat! We love every moment of our lives, but it doesn't leave much time to blog or take pictures! I am trying though! Here are a few pictures from over the last month!

 My mom came up to spend the weekend with us and we celebrated her birthday! Payne was probably the most excited about the cake we had! 

We have been having an unusually warm winter, so we have taken advantage and played outside some!

 The day I came home because Payne was sick, he fell asleep in his high chair!
After P woke up, he felt much better!

D. and Big R came to spend the weekend and brought Payne a Valentine's present!

We celebrated Jen's and Ally's birthday at Mojtio's!

 Saturday we hung out in our pajamas and played all morning!

Luke, one of our friends, is Payne's favorite person! Payne absolutely loves Luke!  Luke got him a fireman's hat at lunch on Sunday!

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