Monday, February 20, 2012

18 Months

You are wear 18-24 month clothes. Mostly 24 months. Your belly hangs out of clothes that are smaller than that!
You are not a very good napper any more! About a hour/ hour and half is it.
You are still a picky eater most days. Every now and then you eat well. You love applesauce and yogurt!
You hate the bathtub! I say bath and you cry!!
You hear music and you dance!
You weigh about 25 pounds.
  You are  everywhere!
 You have 12 teeth and several coming in!
You are starting to repeat things we ask you to.
You love to say yes and no.
You still love your doggy and I have come to realize you will just have it for a while longer!
You are wearing size 4. You tell us when you poop. You can also go get a diaper and wipes from your room to be changed.
You can point to your belly, nose, eyes, ears, feet, mouth, and hands.
You are starting to become more social!
I Love My Church Day!

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