Monday, December 19, 2011

Payne's Christmas Program

Payne's daycare had a Christmas program last week. All the kids at the daycare were part of the "Revised 12 Days of Christmas".  Payne was a pig for the 3 little pigs. After all the kids were out on stage it started to be mass chaos. All the parents were crowding around the stage to take pictures. We enjoyed getting to watch all the kids.
Our friends Rich and Renee's little girl goes to daycare there as well. She was a ballerina! 
I look forward to more fun programs by our little man! 

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Sheryl said...

Our son Wesley was one of the 8 'clucking chickens' - we didn't get many pictures b/c he was way in the back. Too many kids on stage, but it was fun - and the peacock was hysterical!