Tuesday, December 20, 2011

16 Months

You are wear 12-18 month clothes.
You take 2 naps when you are home. At daycare you only take one.
You have had a step backwards when it comes to eating. You are starting to be picky again.
You are not liking taking baths this month.
Your favorite toy is the singing dog you got from Dee-Dot and Big R for Christmas and any ball you can find.
You have started playing in all the drawers around the house. You drag everything out!
You love to brush your teeth.
You weigh about 25 pounds.
You are a full time walker. You are starting to try to run.
You have 8 teeth, but several are about to come in.
You can say thank you, ball, momma, dada, no, again, hi, bye, that, nana (banana), please, tractor, Old McDonald, and dog.You are starting to repeat things we say to you more and more.
You learned to call the hogs! If you hear it on tv you do it too and try to say pig sooie.
You still love your doggy. We stop taking it to daycare last month, but you are still attached to it at home.
You are wearing size 3 diapers.
You can point to your belly and nose. 
You love to high five or fist bump people. You would rather do that instead of wave hello. 

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