Thursday, May 19, 2011

OHH What a day!

So, yesterday Payne woke up with a swollen eye. A REALLY SWOLLEN EYE!( See below)
I was really worried it was related to the fall yesterday, but quickly decided it was mostly likely pink eye. So we decided to go to the walk in clinic at 7, but there was no doctor and they wouldn't be in until 9. So, I called a parent from school that is a doctor and she met me at school to look at the eye. She confirmed it was pink eye. Since we had already started drops she thought it was fine to send him to school. Off he went. With the hour they called me and said he had a rash. I brushed it off and said it was from the new food he tried last night and this morning, no big deal. Well, then they called again a few hours later and said it was worse and that he wasn't acting himself. So, Ally went to get him and I took off work at 12. When we got home he ate lunch and then we were going to take a bath and when I took off his clothes he had hives everywhere. 
I called both my friends that are doctors and they suggested taking him in so we did. By the time we had left the doctor we had confirmed cases of pink eye, hives due to a allergic reaction to plums, and an ear infection to top it off! 
We had to wait a long time at the doctor and it got pretty hard to contain the little man when he wants to crawl everywhere! 
Anyways, that was our day yesterday! We got the ok to go back to school today, so hopefully everything will be ok!


Tracey said...

Poor sweet baby......he's a trooper, he looks like he's having a great time as usual, despite all his aliments!

Lauren McKnight said...

Glad he is better, but I bet it was scary for you! Poor thing!

Trumbo Family said...

Trev got pink eye a few weeks ago too! Clears up fast with those drops. Then...about 5 days later got a rash on his belly and back. They diagnosed it as Roseola (a virus that is going around right now). If Payne never had a fever it's prob not that. He is just precious and growing too fast!!

The Hudspeth's said...

Poor thing! Bennett just got over hives! He broke out for 8 days straight and we never could figure out what was causing it?! We even went through a round of steroids... No fun! Benadryl seemed to be the only thing that calmed them down. Hope he gets better soon. I know it's hard in momma when your baby is sick.