Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busted Lip or Black Eye???

Tuesday I got a call from Payne's daycare around lunch saying that he had fallen and busted his lip.  They wanted me to come see and decided if I wanted to take him to the doctor.  By the time I had gotten the message and called back they said it wasn't as bad as they originally thought.  I wanted to go check it out for myself. When I got there, it wasn't that bad.  So, I rocked him to sleep and went back to work.  After school I went back to pick him up and he had a little black eye. 
Poor little man.  He is pretty tough though.  Hopefully his eye won't get any darker.
I can't even tell where he busted his lip, but they said it was pretty bloody. 


Lauren McKnight said...

Poor little man. Good thing he's touch. And geez he REALLY looks like Ryan in this picture!

Rachael Wright Jones said...

Aww poor P!!! I hope he's feeling ok!

Dee-Dot said...

P--you're all boy! Hope tomorrow is better for you! xoxox D.