Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break!

We started Spring Break by going to Little Rock for a wedding. Ryan's roommate from college got married and we were more than happy to help them celebrate! 
I got to get some TCBY while in LR! It is my favorite!!! 
Payne stayed with Ryan's parents and looked like he had a ball!
The rest of the week I wanted to be laid back and easy. I didn't really want to have much of a plan, because I knew that it would flop if I really tried! So we just took it easy. Some things we did do was a little bathroom makeover. 
We also got new toothbrush holders. I am also on the hunt for a new trash can and new bathmats.  

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment and got my oil changed. Also I went to lunch with Ally and then came home to cuddle with this cute thing! 
 Wednesday we had Payne's 7 month pictures taken. I think these are going to be my favorite. Here is a sneak peek. She text me this off her computer. 
I mean really! How can you not say that is not the cutest thing ever!!!

Thursday we just hung out and didn't do much. We finally made it out around lunch to eat lunch with Ryan. 

Friday I didn't leave the house (except to pick P up from daycare) and did NOTHING at home! Love it!
Ally and Dalton came over and we watch Due Date and played games! That is my kind of Friday night!!!

Saturday Ryan, Payne and I laid in bed until 11:45! Love it!!! Then I got dressed and headed to Walmart. Then I picked up Ally and we went shopping! It was a successful day!! That night we went over to Ally and Dalton's to eat.  The boys watched TV and Ally and I worked on cake decorating. ( OK so I watched!)

Sunday I put it into gear! I realized I only had one day left of Spring Break. After church we came home and I started to make some baby food. I now think I can make it until the end of the school year! Then I made a wreath for my front door as well.
Sunday night we went to the Francis' for dinner. She made potato soup which is my favorite and it was a perfect day for it.
Jillian Kate and Payne talked to each other while we ate.
 Then P got some cuddling in with Josh!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your wreath!! How did you make it?