Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cross Church

We are apart of the core group helping to start a Fayetteville Campus of Cross Church. We are loving every minute of it and are really blessed to have this opportunity to be apart of something of this nature. We meet every Sunday morning at 10:55 at the Springdale campus and then have 4 locations for Wednesday Mission Groups. If you are interested please let me know or head over to the website.

We are trying to get our name out into the community in different ways. On Friday night we all loaded up and went to the Fayetteville High game to hand out t-shirts with our logo on the back, while letting people know we will be opening our doors on January 16!   Payne even joined in!

One of the very talented core group members made these cookies after we changed the church name! Please feel free to join us Wednesday night for our small groups. There is always great food and we would love to have you and get to know you!

Our Mission:
Reaching Northwest Arkansas, America, and the World for Jesus Christ

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