Monday, February 9, 2009

Our weekend was so fun! We got to Little Rock late Friday night and hung out with my mom. Ryan got up early and went to play golf with his dad on Saturday. I slept in and got up and went shopping with my mom. I got to have lunch with Steven, who will be the one to marry us. It was so fun to eat with Steven and catch up with his whole new life with children. Then I met my mom and Ryan back at my house to meet with the wedding coordinators. This meeting went on for 3 hours. I feel like we got some things accomplished but I am not sure what they are. We have two more meetings next week so I will feel better about everything when I get those over with. After the meetings Ryan and I ran around trying to register for more gifts because our registry. This is always a good thing! Saturday of course I was so nervous about the shower on Sunday so I decided to try to hit the bed early. We got up and went to church Sunday in Benton, then ran to eat and change and back to the shower. On the way out the door I was so nervous I fell down the garage stairs. I didn’t hit the ground don’t worry but it really hurt my foot. Anyways we got to the shower which was beautiful and I talked a little bit and then started opening gifts. Everyone found out that I was a really slow gift opener. They made me hurry up because I was nowhere close to getting done by three. Ryan came at the end and we loaded up all of our wonderful gifts and went to Little Rock to unload them at my mom’s house and see what we got. I loved every minute of looking, talking, and organizing them into categories. Here are some pictures from this weekend. Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who gave us a gift, and a big thanks to the hostess! We loved it all!!!

The grandmothers
The Maulden girls

6 of the 7 bridesmaids! Love you all!

Kelley, Abby, Emilee, and I opening presents

13 of the greatest hostess!

Mother of the Groom, Bride, Mother of the Bride

Gran, me, and Mom

China and flatware area

Ryan's tool area for now

Razorback area

Kitchen area


Glass and Crystal table

Bedding and Bathroom


Rachael Wright said...

Awww I missed picture time! :-(

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! I didnt even get to see what you got really. I guess I should pay more attention!