Monday, May 21, 2012

21 Months

Weight 28 pounds 
You love to tell mommy and daddy to "seet" when you want us to play with you 
Wear size 4 diaper 
You love to sing, read, and pray before bed 
Size 5-6 shoe 
You still love watching ELMO
 I think you think that the iPad is called Elmo
 Size 18-2t clothes 
We have gone to wearing flip flops at school because you can't keep your shoes on
 You had hand, foot, and mouth as well as the stomach virus this month 
We have been trying to sit on the potty at night. Sometimes you go, but not often.
 You love to play outside, walk to the mailbox, and bring in the trash can.
 You throw most everything instead of handing it to someone or putting it down. 
You love to ask "what's this"
You have started talking a lot more, but are still pretty shy around new people
You love to help in the kitchen. You always tell me "I heep"! 

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