Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'Tis the Reason for the Season

Last night our friends, Rich and Renee, hosted a Christmas party at their place. Richie text me Sunday night and asked if we wanted to come over Monday night, and followed that with there will be kids there so I understand if you don't want to come. Sarah absolutely loves kids so it wasn't even a thought, we penciled it in. Renee and I used to work together and she and Sarah have become really good friends over the last year, Rich and I play golf some together even though he spanks me every time we play (he's like the only person I can handle getting beat by). As we have mentioned before, they just had a baby, Sallie.

Their friends the Kelley's, Patrick and Lindsey and their 3 yr old, Parker and Griffin also came over. Parker is one cool cat - he says he is shy but he obviously doesn't know what that means. It's a small world, I won't get into the whole story but my Aunt Gina was Patrick's mom's roommate in college and everything came together on their time together over Thanksgiving before the Iowa Green's came to the Metropolis of Malvern.

Then the Whittaker's (Jon and Amanda) and their newest joy Eva all came to party! After a some fellowship and a quick game (thanks to Jon) of "find the pickle.", Rich served up dinner. A heaping bowl of delicious chili with all the fixin's, including carrots - that's a Kansas thing he tried to introduce. Amanda made some Oreo Balls that were to die for, I think I had 100 of them and didn't regret it one bit.

Before we could part ways, Rich and Renee had some games for us to play. The first game we had to tear a Christmas tree out of construction paper from behind your back without looking with a 2 minute time limit....I WON!!! Christmas Movie trivia was next, Sarah and I got last...that's OK we will practice up before next year.

Lastly, we all got together and sang the Twelve Days of Christmas and acted out our part. Ha I am laughing out loud as I type this thinking of some of the acting skillz. My favorite was 6 geese and laying and Jon popped out a little round candle! Wow...

What a great time with friends!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

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Rich and Renee said...

Oh my gosh, I am dying laughing. It was sure fun. And to hear you write about makes me about wet my pants. You guys are the best!!